How To Stay The Course On Your Personal Journey

Something has been stirred within you.  You make up your mind to change your mind.  You decide that you are going to find peace, be happy, practice positive thinking and have an attitude of gratitude.

You know that, within you, is a beacon of light that brings your soul home when storms are raging all around you.  You set out on the greatest of all journeys, the journey within that leads to all things that are well and good.

But you are discovering, with each passing day, that not everyone you are traveling with is headed in your direction.  There is the co-worker whose bitterness and spiteful words sting; the road-rager who makes an obscene gesture at you for mysterious reasons; the friend who is always angry; or the loved one who suffers from depression.  How do you stay the course on your own journey when you cannot and choose not to live in isolation?


Your primary focus must always be the work you are doing within yourself and in your own life.  I have read stories of people who had one life-changing moment when it all came together for them and they suddenly understood the meaning of Life, who and what they were, and they lived happily ever after.  I have just never met one of them.

We each have an internal compass that guides us in the direction our soul wants to go.  When we are following this internal compass, we can feel it – we know we are on the right path, headed in the right direction.  Exercising our free will to keep following that internal compass will not, however, always be easy.

Most likely, self-realization, peace, understanding, healing, and happiness are going to be processes for you – just as they have been for me and thousands of other people.  The journey inward is one that can be long and, at times, arduous.  Peeling back the layers of cultural belief systems, understanding painful emotions, sorting through difficult memories, and confronting the armory of insecurities and complexes that block peace and happiness are all part of a process that requires your devoted attention.

The good news is two-fold.  

  • Every day that you center your attention and open your awareness, you understand something new – about your Self, Life, and what peace and happiness mean to you.
  • Every day that you understand something new about these aspects of Being, practicing positive thinking, feeling love and gratitude for Life, and embracing your peace within become choices that you know how to make.



Each and every one of us is unique.  We are all part of the Oneness of the Universe; we are all creations of the same Divine Intelligence; but we are each an individual part of Life.

There is no way for us to know exactly what other people have gone through or what “stuff” they are peeling back and confronting in their own lives.  We may be able to see that someone is angry, sad, or bitter.  We may be able to hear their words.  But we cannot fully know everything there is to know about them.  Their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs reside within them – just as yours do within you.


We can accept and love other people, regardless of where they are at on their own journey, without letting them impede our passage.  When someone is indulging in negativity, spouting bitterness, or just plain being mean, remember that ALL of that “stuff” belongs to them – not you.  Do not accept or absorb thoughts and feelings that belong to other people and are inconsistent with your own.

You can do this in many ways.  Here are some suggestions that may help.

  • Remember that nothing a stranger does or says to you is personal.  How can it be?  They do not know you.
  • You can choose not to hear negative commentary.  You can choose to walk away from any conversation that is distasteful or uncomfortable for you; or you can simply ask to change the subject.  If that does not work, simply tune the negative commentary out.  Put up a mental shield that creates a barrier between that persons negativity and your mind.
  • You can shine your light even brighter.  Turn up the brightness switch on your own divine spark.  You do not have to try to persuade anyone to stop being negative.  You can, however, use suggestive reasoning to point out the positive – steer the conversation in the direction of positivity and gratitude.  If it is a direction they do not want to go, they will retreat and head another way.

Your mood, your thoughts, your feelings, and your environment are always within your control.  Do not accept anything that contaminates your mind or your life with negativity.

©  02/03/12

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