Healing, Happiness, And Humanity

Over the course of the last two years, I have grown more than I would have previously believed was possible in this lifetime. But that growth started with what many people would consider incredible tragedy.  In short, the circumstances of my life and the chronic stress I had created for myself with my own thoughts and choices became too much to bear.  And every part of me began to fall apart.

I became ill, in every sense of the word.  I fell swiftly from the precipice I had been climbing toward for years; and my descent was not graceful.  During that time in my life, I lost everything most people might identify with happiness.  I lost my body, every material asset I owned, most of my “friends,” and all of my pride.

My only comfort was the knowledge that, in my heart of hearts, I knew it was not all for nothing.  What I was experiencing was a spiritual awakening, and there was no doubt in my mind that neither I nor my life would ever be the same.

I have learned much — about myself, other people, and the world we live in.  I know now what happiness feels like.  I truly understand what it means to be at peace.  I have learned how important it is to have compassion for myself, as well as others.  And parts of me that were broken have been healing in the process.  As I am always quick to admit, the journey is still ongoing.  But I have made it out of the desert.

Photo by Sanja Gienero

The interesting thing about all of this (and the thing I would like to share with you) is that I am still, very much, human.

Along with about 20% of the population, I was born a Highly Sensitive Person.  Through all my growth and healing, I have remained a Highly Sensitive Person.  I process information and stimuli on a deeper level than most.   I also cry during Hallmark™ commercials.

For now, I am still dealing with physical limitations.  I get angry sometimes.  And, occasionally, thoughts pop into my mind that simply appall me.

Does this mean that I am unhappy?  That I am not spiritually mature?  That everything I write about positive thinking, spiritual growth, happiness and healing is poppy-cock?

Not to me it doesn’t.  What it means is that I am still just as much a part of this great drama we call Life as everyone else.  And I still have more to learn.  I have passed through a dark night of the soul and found the dawn.  But I have not yet reached the sun.

By writing (here and the book), sharing other bloggers’ inspirational work on www.fibrohappiness.com, sharing encouragement on Twitter, and otherwise staying involved in humanity,  I am reassuring other people who have faced similar struggles that there is a dawn.  Hopefully, I am also lighting a few lanterns for those who might be making their own way through the dark night.  But, more than anything, I am doing my best to stay connected with my fellow human Beings in a way that is as much a part of my own healing process as anyone else’s.

It seems to me that the best way for all of us to cure the fear-based, shortage mentality that saturates the collective unconscious is to give something of ourselves to others — to be a part of the gift economy by sharing what we can.

Since I began blogging, I have “met” several other people who, by my estimation, have the same goal in mind.  They share parts of themselves and their perspectives with the world.  I follow their blogs and find myself constantly inspired by their commitment to helping heal the planet, one reader at a time.  I have listed a few of them below.

I encourage you to visit their blogs and participate by commenting.   If you like what you see, pass it on.  If you have a blog or website that is your “Go To” place for inspirational messages and support, please feel free to share it here by commenting.  Get connected!

Many blessings!


Bella Blueu Healing, Health And Inspiration For Your Life http://bellableue.com/

Positively Present www.positivelypresent.com

Aspire, Motivate, Succeed     http://amsdaily.net

I Stop For Suffering  http://istopforsuffering.wordpress.com

Drop By Drop We Fill The Pot http://fillthepot.wordpress.com/

Lori’s Lane  http://loreezlane.wordpress.com

Let Life In Practices http://letlifeinpractices.com

Professions For Peace http://professionsforpeace.com

The Cathie Barash Blog http://helpwithyourlife.wordpress.com

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  1. Thank you! Looking forward to your photos!
    Blessings to you, as well!


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