An Idea Worth Spreading

The thing about being a writer is that you always feel like you have something to say.  Sometimes, however, an idea worth spreading has already been said in a way that leaves little room for improvement.

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  1. Really great message thank you for sharing.

  2. For about 350 years, we have been taught that our bodies and our brains are somehow separate from all that is numinous. Science, while very useful and valuable, has narrowed our perspectives of what we are and what we can be. It is ironic and inspiring to see and to hear a scientist share her experience of nirvana, which was brought about by a physical event within her brain. She correctly points out that all of us can and should experience the peace and joy that comes from turning off the chatter of the left brain ego consciousness. Meditation is the key. Through mediation we learn that we are not merely the sum of the perceptions gathered by our senses and processed by our left brain but something much more and different. The challenge is to fight through the road blocks and the temptations that the left brain ego consciousness throws in our paths to impede our personal journeys to nirvana.


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