Positive Living Tips That Definitely Work

You have heard me say, many times, that healing and self-realization are processes. Few things that are solid and strong get built over night, and maintenance of even a fortress is always necessary.  It is for these reasons that we cannot ignore unpleasant emotions, hide from our fears, or pretend we are someone or something we are not, as we each travel along our own path of awakening and personal transformation.

But it is important for us to remember the role that positive thinking and positive emotions play in the transformation process.  

Taking control of the thought patterns that shape our minds in positive ways and opening our hearts to the joys of gratitude, hope, and inspiration are absolutely essential to creating the happiness that heals and contributes to self-realization.

Here are the top 5 positive living techniques I have applied in my own life, and they have definitely worked for me.  I believe they will make a significant difference for you too, if you will give them a try.

1.  The “No Shame” List of Positive Attributes:  You’ll need a safe, quiet place where you will not be disturbed for at least 20 minutes and a pen with paper.  Get relaxed and turn your attention inward.  Search your heart and your mind for all the positive strengths and attributes you know for a fact you possess and start listing them on your sheet of paper.  Have no shame!

If you have pretty eyes, write “I have pretty eyes.”  If you’re an excellent problem solver, write down “I’m an excellent problem solver.”  If you’re honest, have a kind heart, are generous, funny, courageous, understanding, articulate, a good communicator, a wonderful guitarist, a brilliant artist, a great cook, a supportive friend . . . write it down on your list.

Write down all the beautiful aspects of being you that you can think of; and do it without worrying for one minute about what “other people” might think.  No one has to see this list unless you want them to.  It is your personal inventory of positive strengths and attributes; and you are using it to build a solid foundation for positive thinking and a gratitude attitude.  Keep the list in a private place and read it daily for at least 14 days and as often as you want thereafter.  Add to the list as you realize more and more that there are many positive aspects of who and what you are.

2.  Good Morning With Gratitude:  Whether you tend to wake up slowly, like me, or you have a screeching alarm clock (which I hope is not the case), take a couple of minutes when you wake up each morning to lie in bed and say “Good morning!,” to yourself and to Life, with gratitude.

You can warm up the night before by thinking of something you know for certain you feel genuine gratitude about and keep that thought on standby.  Whether it is your handsome little boy who believes you’re the world’s greatest Super Hero or the fact that your electric bill was $50 less than you anticipated this month, there is something in your life to be thankful for.  Focus on the object of your gratitude the next morning before you get out of bed and really savor the feeling of being grateful.  Notice how  good it makes you feel to be grateful and enjoy this feeling for several minutes.  Repeat this process the next morning and the morning after and the morning after . . . .

3.  Feed Your Mind/Brain With Positive Food:  Whether you look at it from a neuro-psychology standpoint or a spiritual standpoint, you cannot go wrong by giving your mind/brain something positive to work with.  It is so easy to get into a rapid funk of speeding through the day, solving one problem after another, jumping hurdle after hurdle, and forgetting to stop to even look at the roses – much less smell them.

Start making an effort to  feed your mind/brain some positive food at least 3 times a day.  Use your 5 senses to help you find the positive food your mind/brain enjoys most.

I am a visual person.  As such, I have stock piled books, photographs, videos, posters, and paintings with beautiful images that inspire me and evoke positive emotions for me.  I make it a habit to feed my mind/brain by focusing on these images, along with the time I spend in nature, several times a day.  Some of the images have become so strongly implanted in my memory database that I can “play” my own internal film production of positive imagery virtually any time I want.  I also love quotes and make a habit of posting positive and inspirational quotes on Twitter frequently.  Additionally, I keep little notepads and Post It notes around the house with positive words and phrases.  As such, I am virtually surrounded by positive thoughts and images that I can feed my mind/brain frequently.  And it works!

You can accomplish the same thing by making an effort to feed your brain pleasant and inspirational images, quotes, music, smells and more on a regular basis.

4.  Pass On The Positive:  How do you feel when someone compliments you?  Most likely, it feels great.  Everyone appreciates being appreciated and that’s exactly what a compliment is — an appreciation for something about you or something you have done well.  Now, how do you feel when you compliment someone else and see the smile it puts on their face?  Most likely, it feels great!  Make an effort to compliment someone today.  When you’re waiting in the elevator, when you walk into a meeting, when you see your mate or a child, look for something about them that you appreciate enough to compliment and pass it on.  Tell another person something positive about them and look for another person to do the same thing with tomorrow.  Start passing on the positive to other people as often as you can.  It is easy to find something positive to say about most other people, if you will just look for the positive in them.

5.  Start Laughing;  I love to laugh!  I believe most people love laughing just as much as I do, once they start doing it.  There’s a lot to be serious about in life – no doubt; but there is also a lot to laugh about.  In fact, there are a lot of times in life when there’s pretty much nothing else you can do but laugh.  Laughing releases tension, it calms your nerves, and it warms your heart.  It is an act of joy.

Overall, laughing is just good, clean fun that promotes positive emotion all the way around.  If you stop and think about it, you know what makes you laugh.  If you need a little help getting into the habit of laughing, make a list of what makes you laugh and go find it.  Maybe it’s that movie you’ve seen 10 times but it still cracks you up every time you watch it.  Maybe it’s that song about Grandma and the reindeer.  Maybe it’s your neighbor who’s an amateur comedian.  Open yourself up to anything and everything that makes you laugh and get into the habit of laughing.

These are the top 5 positive living techniques I have used in my life and I know for certain that they work.  Let me know how they work for you.  What are some positive living techniques that work for you and you believe might help others?

© 07/17/12

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  1. Thanks, Kristin!

    I should add that another source of positive mind/brain food I personally use is regular visits to websites and blogs — like yours (http://letlifeinpractices.wordpress.com) — that keep me inspired and give me fresh, new insights and ideas for healthy, happy living.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Many blessings, Sloan

  2. Great Advice for a positive attitude and positive lifestyle – most of the time we dwell on the negative but if you take the time to reflect it will surely show you there usually is or can be more positive in your life. Thanks for sharing !

  3. Great and inspirational post

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    this website and at the moment this time I am browsing this web site and reading
    very informative articles or reviews here.

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the site, Rosella! Hope to see you back soon. Have a beautiful day! Sloan


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