Passing On The Positive

Photo by Dez Pain

This thing we call Life gets pretty complicated sometimes.  Just when we think we’ve just about got it figured out, something fresh develops that leaves us feeling like babes in the woods.  For me, that’s part of the great adventure of it all; but, I must admit, it can be a somewhat overwhelming adventure, at times — a lot like those Indiana Jones movies.

All that being the case, it’s important for us to stay on top of what we know works for us — the thoughts, ideas, habits, and practices that help us create our happiness, live the lives we want to live, and that help us become the best Us we can be.  


If you’re a fan of Dr. Stephen Covey’s work, you’ll recognize this as part of the 7th Habit (“Sharpening The Saw”).  It’s the idea of doing what is effective and necessary to maintain the progress we have already made and to continue learning and growing in ways that are beneficial to our overall development and Being.

Part of my personal maintenance and development program includes constantly feeding my mind/brain positive, inspiring, encouraging, and beautiful ideas and images — often from other writers and photographers I find on the internet.  I try my best to pass on the positive by sharing these ideas with others through my personal Facebook page, the Facebook Fan Page for this site, and on my secondary blogsite, Fibrohappiness™.

Today, I re-blogged a wonderful poem from Megan at “I Stop For Suffering” on the Fibrohappiness™ site.  It’s a poem that is beautiful in its simplicity and timeless in it’s wisdom.  The poem is entitled “I Am Me,” and you can read it by clicking this link –

While I was in the process of doing so, the thought occurred to me that many of you might not be familiar with my Fibrohappiness™ site and this would be a good time to pass on the positive by bringing it to your attention.  I hope you’ll visit soon.

While you’re at Fibrohappiness™ , please take a little time and browse around the inspirational and beautiful posts you’ll find there from other bloggers.  If you see something you like, please share it with your friends. If you would like to receive copies of new posts directly in your email box, be sure to subscribe in the “Follow” box.  I reblog only uplifting, meaningful, and well-written posts from writers who inspire me personally and who I believe will inspire you too.


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  1. Very Nice Article !

    • Thank you for reading! It’s always a pleasure to connect with you. I hope your week is joyful and peacefully productive. Blessings, Sloan

  2. A wonderful post.

  3. Hi Sloan! I love the way you write and the content is always uplifting! I too, find that feeding my mind with positive messages is one of the best ways to maintain good feelings or return to good feelings when life gets challenging. Often, saying an affirmation or reframing a negative thought or situation can quickly shift my energy back on the right track. Many blessings, Cathie

  4. Thank you, Cathie! We are indeed like minded; and I find your posts to be a constant source of inspiration and positive ideas. Keep letting your Glow Flow! Namaste, Sloan

  5. Beautifully expressed and inspiring! Thank you!


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