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Photo by Jay Simmons

Photo by Jay Simmons

For a number of reasons (none of which have to do with any lack of appreciation), I had stopped accepting awards several months ago.  However, something interesting happened recently; and, is usually the case, it happened right on time.

As the end of the year approached, I found myself reflecting on where I have been and where I see myself going.  Of course, the writing that has become what I view as my life-work was at the forefront of this period of introspection.  Understanding what Carl Jung called “the vocation” and being 100% certain, all of the time, that you are on the correct path are two very different concepts.

Just when I had begun to wonder whether I was, indeed, still on the right path, I received notice that two of my fellow bloggers (both of whom I enjoy following) had nominated me for awards that spoke to me.  Never being one to disregard an affirmation, I graciously accepted both awards.  And, now, I have the pleasure of passing on my appreciation and nominating others for those same awards.  In this way, Blog Awards are the gifts that keep on giving.  So, here goes:


The beautifully honest and exceptionally compassionate Carolyn Hughes nominated me for the Sunshine Award. 

Carolyn shares her experience, ideas, and insights at

The Hurt Healer

I do hope you will visit her site soon!

Thank you, Carolyn!

The Sunshine Award is ‘given and passed on to bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogospher.’ 

Acceptance of the award comes with the following instructions, which are a pleasure to comply with.

A.  Acknowledge the person who gave this award in a blog post.
B.  Complete the Q&A below.
C.  Pass on the award to 10 deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them and link to their blogs.

1. Who is your favorite philosopher?  Marcus Aurelius

2. What is your favorite number?  26

 3. What is your favorite animal?  Lisa, my Chihuahua.

4. What is your favorite time of day? Sunrise

5. What are your Facebook and Twitter accounts?   Here are the links to my Twitter and Facebook profiles.  I love making new friends! So, let’s connect!

 6. What is your favorite holiday?   Independence Day

 7. What is your favorite physical activity? Sailing

8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?  Hot Chocolate

 9. What is your passion? As Sylvia Plath said, “Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.”

10. What is your favorite flower? Hydrangea

And my nominations for the Sunshine Award go (in no particular order) to the following blogs.  Like Sunshine, they are all brilliant, warm, and help us grow!  I hope you will visit them and keep going back for more.

Thank you all for helping heal the planet, one reader at a time!

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

The marvelously talented Stefan nominated me for the Blog of the Year 2012 Award.

Stefan’s blog, Maxima at, is always filled with incredible energy, inspiration, and beautiful imagery.  I hope you will all visit Maxima and enjoy the wide array of useful information,  thought provoking commentary, and helpful advice you find there.  Thank you, Stefan!



Deciding what to do with this award was a difficult decision for me.  As those of you who have been with me a while probably know, I really would like to buy the world a Coke™.  And I really would like to give all the wonderful bloggers out there an award.  But I cannot.  Fortunately, I received the Sunshine Award nomination from Carolyn within days of receiving the Blog of the Year 2012 Award nomination from Stefan.  That gave me a chance to pass on an award to some, but not all, of those great bloggers who do such a wonderful job of providing inspiration to others.

It also gave me an opportunity to do something special with the Blog of the Year Award; and that is what I have chosen to do.

Although there is no limit to the number of nominations a prior nominee can pass on for this award, I have chosen to pass it on to only 3 blogs.  And this is why –

When I came undone 2 ½ years ago and set out on what we romantics call a “journey of self-discovery,” I had no idea what laid ahead of me.  I did know, however, that I was not just running from something . . . I was looking for something — something that my spirit could not do without.   What I found was more than I had ever dreamed would be possible for me; and the sacrifices and suffering that were required to find it were well worth the trade.  And the most beautiful thing about it is that I did not have to make that journey alone.

While I had the support of close friends and loved ones, I also had the support and encouragement of people I did not know — people who have chosen to share their wisdom, their insight, and their hearts with other travelers, like me, through the written word.

We are all students and teachers alike; and we are all in this together.  There are 3 very special women who understand these concepts; and, while they might not have realized it before, they have each been an indispensable source of inspiration and insight for me (time and time again) in the last year.   While I have never met any of them, I consider each of them a friend and hope to one day thank them, in person, for all that they have given to me and for all the work they do to Be The Change.

All that being the case, I nominate the following blogs for the Blog of the Year 2012 Award.  I do hope, very much, that you will visit their sites soon and often.  Thank you Cathie, Erin, and Kristin for Being You!  You can find the instructions for receiving and passing on the award at Stefan’s blog, Maxima:

The Cathie Barash Blog

Bella Bleue Healing

Let Life In Practices

One last thing:

I would like to say “Thank you” to Gina at Professions for PEACE ( and let her know that, if she were currently accepting awards, she would have been my fourth nominee.  Gina, everything I said about Erin, Kristin, and Cathie applies to you, as well.  Namaste.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I am glad to see that you have accepted these awards. You deserve them and more. I am honored that you have nominated me for the Sunshine Award. THANK YOU!


  2. Congratulations! I am honored that you nominated my blog! It is very much appreciated. Warm blessings to you.

  3. Professions for PEACE

     /  December 19, 2012

    Sloan, you are truly as an earth-angel – generously sharing your love and light with us all. Your lists of more information about you are delightful, and I especially enjoyed the opening about your shift regarding awards. How beautiful. I too may allow in the shift in my attitude around awards but still at this time the process fails to enrich me and rather leaves me feeling deflated and off track. But as for the sheer delight in being named on your wonderful post here, my heart is overflowing with gratitude for you, dear spirit-sister. Sending you a big cheer of congratulations and warm hugs of love and light!
    Blessings, Gina

  4. Huge congratulations Sloan! And thank you so very much for nominating me for the Blog of the Year 2012 award! Your beautiful words are deeply appreciated, and have made my day! The warmth and generosity you share is a gift and inspiration! Many blessings, Cathie

  5. Sloan, I am very touched by your sharing of your awards with me 🙂 You are quite a blessing in this world, and as you transform our world transforms for the better! You are such a tender heart, and wonderful woman. You inspire me, and I am blessed to walk along this journey of life, knowing you, even if only through the waves of the internet. Blessings to you my friend always, Erin

  6. Heartiest congrats on a well deserved award. I always enjoy reading your positive thoughts.

  7. Congratulations, Sloan. And Thank you so much for this wonderful honour. It is much appreciated. 🙂

  8. Congratulations on your awards. Love your Sylvia Plath quote 🙂

  9. Congratulations on achieving all these awards !
    you are so much fit and right choice to have them “D

    I am so much thankful dear friend to include me here,

  10. Hi Sloan! I have nominated you for two awards – The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award and Blog of the Year 2012 Award! Please check out the link provided for more details.
    Congratulations! Blessings, Cathie

  11. Thank you, Cathie, so very much!! Have a safe and fabulous New Year’s!

  12. Nadine

     /  January 7, 2013

    Congrats, Sloan! Those awards are well-deserved. xx

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