In The Meantime, Be Positive

Daisies and Sky by Jay SimmonsChange your thoughts and you change your world.

— Norman Vincent Peale

In the meantime . . . .

It’s not always a fun place to be in – “the meantime.”  This is especially true when we are waiting for significant, positive change.  When we are waiting for change, we are still dealing with whatever it is that needs to change.  And staying positive in the interim can be difficult.  A positive attitude is always a good thing; but it’s not always easy to remember as much.

Until we change our habitual thought patterns (which can take a lot of work), learning to maintain an overall positive attitude – no matter what is happening – can be a lot of work too.  In this day and age of instant gratification, it can be tough to stick with anything when the rewards do not appear immediately.

Too often, we find it difficult to hold onto an idea, a goal, or a beautiful dream because we don’t have the patience and persistence it takes to allow the magnificent power of positive thought to unfold.  Let’s face it, it is difficult to think about prosperity when we are struggling financially; it is hard to envision strong and vigorous bodies when we struggle daily with health issues; and it might seem simpler to give up on having healthy, loving relationships when we are working through adversity with others.

Let me assure you, however, that every ounce of effort we put into building and maintaining positive attitudes is magnified and returned to us ten fold.  And the change we eventually see in ourselves and in our lives is well worth the trade.  

Moreover, positive change often does occur immediately — when we change our attitude.  The change might be subtle and easily overlooked, but it is there.

When I talk to people about the miraculous difference that concepts like positive thinking, a gratitude attitude, and self-awareness make in one’s life, I often find myself staring into suspicious eyes.  Sometimes, I hear statements like “I tried being positive and it didn’t work!”  Upon further inquiry, I often learn that the person had tried applying a positive perspective, but they were still looking through a negative lens; or they tried positive thinking for all of three days.  They got discouraged and gave up.

Discouraging thoughts have a way of taking root in our minds, when we let them.  And this is the first place we need to look when we are trying our best to change our minds and change our lives for the better.  Whether we are just beginning to focus our attention on the beauty and good in Life or we have been at it for many years, we will still have to face discouraging thoughts and deal with them.  How we deal with discouraging thoughts (or any negative thought, for that matter) is what makes all the difference.

Red Poppy by Jay SimmonsI believe most people who know me well would agree that my positive attitude is a significant aspect of who and what I am.  Interestingly enough, it was always a big part of me — seeing possibilities and looking for the positive.  It just took me over 40 years to trust and fully unleash that part of me.  Today, it would not be an exaggeration to say that I could find the bright side of a black hole.  But, still, there are times when I too must deal with negative and discouraging thoughts.  In fact, I had to deal with many discouraging thoughts over the weekend.

There were discouraging thoughts about my health issues; discouraging thoughts about my intentions for my writing career; and discouraging thoughts about my plans for traveling, having my own home, and more.  I’m not certain why I was bombarded by so many discouraging thoughts over the weekend.  Perhaps, it was because I am still in “the meantime,” and the uncertainties were having more of an effect on me than I realized. I do not know; but I am extremely grateful that I knew exactly how to deal with those discouraging thoughts when they arose.

Experience has taught me that faith, hope, love, and good old fashioned stubbornness serve me well.  So, instead of giving in to those discouraging thoughts, I simply rejected them as false thoughts.  It is not true that my body cannot fully heal.  It is not true that I cannot be a highly successful author & speaker.  It is not true that my dreams of traveling around the world and owning a beautiful home of my own are too fanciful.  And I refuse to accept any negative thought to the contrary.

What is true is that I BELIEVE.  I believe in myself.  I believe in God.  I believe that there is no adversity or obstacle too great for the human spirit to overcome.  I know that my spirit has stamina.  And there’s not a discouraging thought in the world that can stand up to those particular truths.  

That kind of attitude is what works for me . . . including “in the meantime.”

I would love to hear what works for you.

Live Free! Be Happy!

© 02/25/2013

Photos by Jay Simmons

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  1. Inspirational post. It’s all a state mind. As long as we keep happy thoughts, we will live a happy life. Surround yourself not with negativity but sincerity instead.

  2. Although I have been optimistic most of my life, it also took me over 40 years for my positive attitude to truly manifest. There’s no other way to be : )

    • Absolutely, Joe! Thanks, so much, for reading & commenting! Hope to see you back soon. 🙂 Namaste, S

  3. Wonderful, Sloan. I love it!

  4. gecooper

     /  February 25, 2013

    Reblogged this on Drop by Drop We Fill the Pot.

  5. Thank you for the reblog! Many blessings, S

  6. I think there was something going around this weekend. I too, was feeling discouraged about my writing career and the ability to support myself with it. I think it’s human to get discouraged on occasion. There’s nothing wrong with feeling it, but wallowing in it is what can draw more negativity. I like the saying of the “F’s.” Find it, Face it, Feel it, Forget it. 🙂 Once I feel it, I envision and eraser in my mind and then focus on something more positive. You go Miss Sloan. You are successful.

    • Great comments, Lori! Thank you so much for the insights and compliment! Have a great week! Love & Light, S

  7. Friends – Mercury went retrograde this weekend in Pisces. This has made us all more introspective, especially about our creative muses. It is natural and healthy at this time to look inward to re-evaluate ourselves and our talents. It is not meant as a time to dwell on doubt, but a time to reflect on what works, what doesn’t work, where we are, and where we need to go. Let love light the way!

    • Let Love Light The Way — Indeed! Thank you for sharing these wonderful insights! Have a Fabulous Week! Many Blessings, S

  8. Beautiful post Sloan! When discouraging thoughts come up, I used to get frustrated with myself and say, “here I go again” and then I switched it to, “hey, good job I caught myself.” Maybe a subtle difference in words, but feels much better! Blessings, Cathie

  9. Cathie, I love what you shared! What you’re choosing to do is emphasize the positive — self-awareness and self-compassion. We sometimes forget that personal and spiritual transformation tends to be much more spiral than linear; and we occasionally find ourselves back in an “old place.” What matters most is what we do, this time around, when we arrive there. Have a Great Day! Love & Light, S

  10. thanks very much Sloan obviously writing is not something you want to give up, I loved reading this and it helps to give hope to those of us who are going through similar situations and it’s great to know that we are not alone, so many in life seem to always grapple with the same stuff…the hope, love and faith, and a bit of stubbornness can go a long way lol as it keeps us looking to the light of a higher power..Thanks so much for sharing, and it is tough to stick to those positive thoughts and not let our egos the negative take that away…Blessing to you as I send love your way!!

  11. Controlling your thoughts, and (with even more disciplined effort) your emotions. Hmmmm. The goal of ALL disciplines whose goal is Self-realization. Imperturbability. Nirvana. Inner Peace. Clearing away the fog and rubble to find that direct connection with Higher Self, Source. It all begins by stilling the near-constant internal ‘noise’ generated by our ego-personality-lower mind, right?
    So is ‘stopping the mind chatter’ something to strive for? That was my first step — and the most challenging! And No, it was not a three-day, 21-day, or even one-year process. Not for the faint-hearted, either. These days, though, in these higher frequencies, I bet most people can ‘get there’ a LOT more quickly than I did. See for a couple of tools you might be able to use towards that end. I wish you all intrepid determination, and grand success!

  12. Things were not fine at my work place for about a month – and finally today the sun peeped out of the clouds and we all seem to be happy. In spite of the disagreements we all love our institution and glad that we have come to a consensus. Happiness has set in, finally. Now I should, we all should, try to forget and forgive – for our own sake. The post gives me more strength to believe in and follow positive thinking. Thank you!

    • Bindu, I am so happy and grateful that you found something that spoke to you in the post. And thank you for sharing this comment with me. This is why I write. You have inspired me today, friend. Have a beautifully blessed week and let your magnificent Glow Flow Everywhere You Go! Namaste, S

  13. Nadine

     /  February 28, 2013

    Ah, the middle! As with plotting or writing a story or novel, it’s usually the most difficult part. I’m grateful for this post. Very timely and relevant to my situation. Thanks, my friend.

  14. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Have a Great Day, Beautiful Soul! Namaste, S

  15. It’s great to read about your positive view on life. I look for inspiration, and practice gratitude daily. I also try and meditate as often as I can.

  16. We are a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your site offered us with valuable information to work on. You have done an impressive job and our whole community will be thankful to you.

    • What a blessing you have given me this morning! I’m so glad you found the site helpful. Thank you, so much, for reading and commenting! Blessings, Love & Light to you and all that you do! S

  17. MY DEAR FRIEND!You are great! Each of your
    visits my blog is a treasure for me because I know I’ll find on your blog inspiration for life! I Wish you a pleasant first day of spring

  18. Stefan, you are such a Jewel! Thank you for your kindness and warmth. It was needed today. Love & Light, S


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