The Healing Power Of Friendship

Support by sanja gjeneroThe greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.

–Hubert H. Humphrey, Jr.

There is an art to being human; and most of us are still trying to master it.  Regardless of where we find ourselves on the continuum of personal development and spiritual transformation, every breath we take reminds us that we are still human.  Although some might disagree with me, I would say that is a good thing.  We are human for a reason.  And our humanity is what makes us unique from every other manifestation of divinity in the Universe.

Given the fact that there are approximately 7.069 billion of us humans occupying the planet, why do we so often find ourselves feeling utterly alone and misunderstood?

This is a question I have entertained on many an occasion because of my own experiences.  Like many before me, the path of awakening has gifted me with moments of euphoric pleasure, which arose out of the realization that we are all, in fact, One.  Bound to one another by the threads of Life, we share a unity of spirit that cannot be broken, even by discord or intolerance.  But, like many before me, I have also felt moments of intense loneliness — moments when it seemed like there was no one in the world who could understand me or what I was going through.  In all honesty, I would have to say that those moments of loneliness are what led me to seek out a more intimate relationship with my higher power, which I call God or the Divine.  In the warmth of Divine Love, I find a sense of comfort and peace that simply cannot be clearly explained.

But, alas, I am still as human as human gets; and all humans need to feel a sense of Love & Belonging that can only be provided by other humans.  Thankfully, we have this thing we call Friendship.

My friendships are blessings that fill my heart with more joy and gratitude than I could possibly describe to you.  And I thank God, every day, for my friends.

There are times when I feel uncertain about choices I need to make, and I need advice or affirmation.  There are times when I need a shoulder to lean on or a hand to hold. There are times when I need to talk; times when I need to listen; and times when all that I want to do is share some fun and laughter with another person. In my friendships, all of these very human needs get met; and I am constantly reminded that friendship is one of the greatest treasures that exists.

Rainbow Heart by Sonja GFriendship is a concept that encompasses more than who we spend our time with or who we could count on to bail us out of jail, if the occasion ever arose.  Friendship is about sharing.  Our friends share themselves (flaws and strengths alike) with us; and we share ourselves with them.  Our friends understand us – sometimes, more than we understand ourselves.  Nonetheless, they allow us to just Be ourselves, whatever that might entail.  

A true friend is someone who is always there for us but who never requires of us more than we are able to give. And, in return, we extend the same courtesy, love, and respect to them.

We will always feel closer to some of our friends than others.  For those of us who believe in the notion of Soul Groups, the familiarity of an old friend we just met is not an unusual concept.  But there are more practical reasons why we are closer to some friends than others. Common interests, geography, and the breadth and number of our shared experiences are just a few of the factors that play into who we will turn to first, on any given occasion.

What we should remember, however, is that friendship is friendship.  Even “new” friends can support us, encourage us, and help us heal in ways that are unique because of who they are and the wisdom they bring with them into our lives.  What matters is not the length of time someone has been in our life but what we know they are willing to share with us and allow us to share with them.

There is a lot going on in our world today – politically, environmentally, and spiritually.  However, I believe that the most important part of what is happening around the world is that thousands upon thousands of us are on new paths. We are healing what we left unattended for too long, embracing happiness as a necessity not a luxury, and striving to discover our most authentic selves. As we go through the life changing experiences that accompany healing, happiness, and self-realization, we should cling to our friendships and be ever grateful for those with whom we are always free to be ourselves.

By embracing the healing power of friendship, we remind ourselves that none of us has to stand alone. Today, I want to encourage you to spend some time thinking about your friends.  Think about all the times when you were almost defeated and a helping hand reached out.  Think about all the silliness and laughter you shared with those who saw you and decided you were someone they wanted to laugh with.  Think about the tears that got wiped away, the hugs that strengthened you, and the honesty that brought you to your senses – just in the nick of time.

Think about all of these wonderful aspects of friendship and give thanks for the people and the moments that showed you what friendship was all about.

And, please, share with us a little of what you find.

© 02/28/2013

Photos by Sanja Gjenero

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  1. Nadine

     /  February 28, 2013

    We have a saying in Jamaica: “Good fren betta dan pocket money.” (A good friend is better than money.) 🙂

    I’m grateful for you, my friend. xxx

  2. Thank you, Nadine, my dear friend! I look forward to the day when I can visit Jamaica; and we can hang out, being grateful together. 🙂 Love & Light, S

  3. As always a beautiful post Sloan! I very much appreciate you in my life! Your words, warmth and generous heart are a true blessing! Thank you my friend! 🙂

    • The feeling is very much mutual, Cathie! Have a very Happy Day! Love & Lights, S 🙂

  4. I love your awareness, the knowledge that truly we are all one, that we come from the same Source and we are not separate. Yet, as you mentioned, we still feel that loneliness when we are not connected. These are the times we need our friends to remind us that we share a commonality, that we came in love and will return to love. Today, I send thanks to my many friends throughout the ages. Thank you for reminding me just how powerful they have been in my life.

    • Wonderfully said, Sherry! Thank you, very much, for your beautiful and insightful comments! Have a fantastic weekend! Namaste, S

  5. The language you use in this post is absolutely beautiful Sloan. I too have struggled with feeling disconnected because I felt that my journey was unique in a bad way. You remind me that although we are all unique individuals, our journeys are what connects us to each other. Glad to have connected with you on this journey. ❤

    • Thank you, Michele, for your kind comments. You and your Loving Light are gifts to us all. I am grateful for your friendship, as well. Have a beautifully blessed day! 🙂


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