Still One Nation

meMFbt6Somewhere beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.

– Rumi

I love my country . . . always have, always will.

Of course, that does not mean that I agree with everything that goes on in this country.

I disagree with our leaders who contend that the way to “help” people is to infantilize them. We do not lift one American out of poverty by taking away unreasonable amounts of what another American has earned. We do not educate our children by teaching them only those ideas that conform with popular beliefs. We do not empower people by taking away their personal freedoms because we might believe we know what’s best for them.

We do not spread truth by keeping secrets.

But these are my opinions, and I am but one small part of something greater. So, I do what I can to peacefully share my ideas and beliefs and to live in accordance with them. And I try my best to honor and respect others who do the same.

Despite our many, many differences, we are still one nation under God. And, for that, I am grateful.

I am grateful that I live in a country where people are brave and determined. I am grateful that I share a common heritage with men and women who were not afraid to stand up for themselves and to risk an uncertain future to declare their independence. I give thanks for the men and women who chose to protect that independence, even when it meant sacrificing their own lives to do so.

I Am Proud To Be An American. And I know I am not alone.

So, to all my fellow Americans – HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! 

I also want to ask each and every one of my American readers to do something special for your country tomorrow. Set aside your ideals about what is right-doing and wrong-doing long enough to savor what being an American truly means to you. Open your hearts and your minds to what it is you know is great and admirable about this amazing country of ours. Let the positive energy of those thoughts simmer within you and spread throughout the web of Life with the power that comes from within. Be thankful and let your gratitude show.

In the event you need a little more inspiration to get to that particular place of gratitude, I’ve shared one of my favorite songs with you.

Live Free! Be Happy! Celebrate your Independence!

Photo by Billy Frank Alexander

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  1. I totally agree with you…LOVE my country and we need to celebrate the freedoms we do have tomorrow.!

    • Thank you, Sweet Laurie! Have a beautifully blessed Independence Day! Love & Light, S

  2. Oh Sloan, thank you so much for saying this.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Lori. FYI – I’m pushing the “What Makes Us Smile” post to next week. As always, thank you for your kind support! Have a magnificent Independence Day! Love & Light, S

      • Sloan, I didn’t truly know what a kindred spirit you were until I read this post. I feel very alone in my community, being spiritually liberal but politically conservative. I’m lost sometimes, and it really feels wonderful to read this and know I’m not alone. In all my years of searching online and in person for someone who understands spirituality and freedom like I do, you are only the second person I’ve found (besides my husband). You have no idea how I’ve struggled with this, so I thank you for opening up here. Hugs.

      • Lori, please remember, always, that you are never alone. There is a unity among us, a oneness of spirit, that cannot be broken by the blows of intolerance or discord.

        We humans disagree on a lot of things. It could be no other way because we are each beautifully unique in our own way. So, when others are disagreeing with us, they are just being their unique selves. And we need not take it personally.

        One day, there will be many people who see that we can each hold tight to what we believe in our own hearts and still honor one another’s paths — even when those other paths seem to be so very different from ours.

        I have followed your blog for a long time; and I see your heart. Your strength is admirable and your compassion exemplary. When you feel isolated or alienated because others in your community do not agree with your core beliefs, remember that your community is really all of humanity. Remember, as Ernest Holmes said, that unity does not mean uniformity. Remember that all you have to Be is what you already are. Just Do You; and keep letting your beautiful Glow Flow!

        Big Hugs, Much Love, and Many Blessings!

      • Thank you, Sloan. I know you’re right, about humanity’s unity. It’d just be nice to belong to a community of people helping each other. It’s not for lack of trying either. It was nice to read your words today, and feel validated. Blessings to you.

  3. I totally agree, and thank you for putting it to words so beautifully. You have a lovely independence day as well.. Love to you..

  4. Mark

     /  July 3, 2013

    Well said Sloan. A happy 4th to you and your family. xo

  5. Dearest Sloan,

    Your tribute to America is truly profound. We are a great people who are proud of our heritage, and stand for truth, liberty and the freedom to pursue our dreams. As a land of many cultures, we strive to live side-by-side in relative peace, upholding the sacredness of life and embracing each individual. You challenge us to be a better nation than we are today. I believe we can be. Let us all make the right choices, every moment of each day, so we can continue to be a country blessed by our Creator. I, too, am proud to be an American. Let us stand together and celebrate with love the special gift we have to live in such a grand nation of wonderful people. Happy Independence Day to you!

  6. Thank you Sloan for following “deepakdheer”. I am honored. America– “The nation that inspires the rest of the planet– to be the best.” Great Post..

    • Thank you, Deepak, for reading and your wonderful comment! Hope to see you back soon! Many Blessings, Sloan

  7. Reblogged this on Spiritual challenges and commented:
    “I love my country . . .always have , always will.” very, nice thought , with heart and soul full of love received . thank you for this wonderful post ,so …I love my country . . .always have , always will”with love maxima

    • Thank you, dear Stefan! You are wonderful! Hope your weekend’s going Great! Love & Light, S

  8. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

     /  July 7, 2013

    what a wonderful post…
    and you are not as alone as you think in your thinking….
    Lee Greenwood sums it up perfectly….
    We are still free
    no matter what the powers of be
    try behind closed doors
    for we are a nation under God from shore to shore….

    Beautiful….I enjoyed it very much
    Take care..

  9. You are a breathe of fresh air in the smog of sameness.

  10. I blogged a poem on Bless Them All which I think you might like,give it a read and let me know if you thumbs up or down on it. Thanks, Barry

  11. Ok, thanks for letting me know. I’ll take a look at it soon. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. From what I’ve seen, you try to keep things positive on your blog and that is such an important component of spreading happiness. Many Blessings, S


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