The Thing About Being Human

mOtUtHsThe essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.

– George Orwell

To the best of my knowledge, no one on the planet is perfect. When I say “perfect,” I am applying the most commonly used definition: being without fault, flaw, or defects, of any kind. It seems an obvious observation, doesn’t it — that none of us is perfect?

I point out the obvious, however, because it seems to me that too many of us have forgotten this simple fact. We are often tempted to look at other people and to appraise them against the backdrop of perfection.

That person talks too much. This person is a divorcee. That person has an alcohol problem. This person is a snob. That person cries too much. This person is cold hearted. And so it goes . . . that we find it so easy to judge one another.

It is as though we might diminish the scope of our own imperfections by pointing out those of others. How ludicrous the concept of projection seems, when we put it in its simplest terms. But we all do it, from time to time. We project our own insecurities, fears, complexes, and more upon one another in an effort to avoid coming face to face with our own imperfections.

I cannot help but wonder the difference it might make if we tried our best to start using a different approach.

What if we could all simply accept the truth that there is no perfection in humanity; and we are all human? What if we could look at other people and see beyond their imperfections to the fact that they are just as human as we are?

The thing about being human is that our weaknesses are as much a part of us as our strengths. And both our weaknesses and our strengths are ever-evolving, changing, and altering with time and experience. If we could look at one another, and at ourselves, and realize that we are each doing the best we can at being human, wouldn’t the world be a little gentler place?

It is through compassion that we solidify the connection that already exists between us all. 

Today, I encourage you to broaden your perspective a bit and to start looking at others, and yourself, with more compassionate eyes. Instead of judging others for their imperfections, accept that every one of us is facing some form of struggle. We are all subject to suffering. We are all imperfect; and, perhaps, that is the most beautiful thing about being human.

In the spirit of compassion, start giving others a break. And, just as importantly, start giving yourself a break. We can all learn, change, and grow without judging or condemning ourselves or others in the process. A little compassion goes a long way. A lot of compassion just might change the world.

Live Free! Be Happy!

©  10/09/2013

Photos by Michal Zacharzewski

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  1. I just transcended a bit by reading this. THANKS!!!

  2. My dear friend – My e book is now published With love maxima

    • YAY! Stefan! Congratulations again. Please leave a link to it here on the site. I believe beautiful poetry, like yours, is soothing to the soul. And I highly recommend your work to everyone. Many Blessings, Sloan

  3. Love love love this message My dear friend. Your heart and compassion is great as is your wisdom. blessings!

    • Thank you, Sweet Shauna! Just realized I missed some recent posts on your Heart2Soul blog –

      Catching up now and will try to figure out why they’re not coming to my inbox. Have a beautiful weekend! Love & Light, S

  4. Professions for PEACE

     /  October 17, 2013

    Beautiful and inspiring post, Sloan. Thank you so much for compassionately sharing your kind wisdom with us all here! Love to you, Gina

    • Thank you, Gina! I hope that ALL is wonderfully well with you. I haven’t been getting your new posts in my inbox; and I need to follow up on it. Your blog is beautiful and inspiring! Namaste, S


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