Choosing Your Happy Life

Mike004Allow the world to live as it chooses, and allow yourself to live as you choose.

– Richard Bach

One of the most important lessons I have learned is that my peace, my happiness, and what creates a sense of fulfillment in my life are unique to my perspective. What a “happy life” means to me will not be exactly the same as what a happy life means to someone else.

For many years, I saw happiness as something elusive and evasive. I wanted it. I needed it. But authentic happiness always seemed to be, at the very least, one more hurdle away. As such, I spent more time and energy focusing all of my attention on what I believed was necessary to survive and very little on what it would take for me to thrive. The problem, I know now, was with my perspective and the choices I made from that perspective. It is difficult to think about the life you really want to live when you’re bouncing from one “emergency” to another and expending most of your effort trying to meet other people’s expectations. You find yourself consumed by an ongoing battle to maintain a life that was never intended for you, in the first place. Thankfully, I was given the opportunity to see both Life and living from a new perspective. And that new perspective gave me a lot to consider.

I’ve had almost five years to consider it – all of it. What a happy life means to me is now very clear. And I keep choosing it, time and time again.

For me, it’s a life that reflects the concepts and conditions that are most valuable to me – not necessarily to other people, but to me. Every decision I make about my life and how I will live it emanates from an awareness of what truly matters most to me – what brings joy to my heart, what creates peace of mind, and what satisfies my spirit.

I place the most value on those conditions that are necessary for me to continue the healing and self-realization processes. Within that framework, I value healthy, happy relationships with my loved ones; the peace and tranquility I find in nature; and constructive opportunities for growth and learning. I treasure the liberation I find in living a life that is built upon what feels right to me, not what others might expect. And I honor everything that is in my life now with gratitude, even as I actively co-create those experiences the future will bring.

From these values, the experiences of my life flow. I follow the guidance I receive about what is the next right step for me. And I allow, as best I can, things to unfold the way they need to unfold for my highest good. When I remain true to my values, the details of what I experience in Life occur naturally and beautifully.

The life I live today (my happy life) is a relatively quiet and simple life, with just the right amount of adventure sprinkled in.  It is a sweet life, at least to me. Undoubtedly, there are many people who would find my life boring and unimpressive. And that is perfectly okay. Fortunately, for both them and me, I am the only person who lives my life.

Mike006You see, happiness is relative. Success can only be measured honestly and accurately by the one who desires to succeed. And what matters most to each of us is unique to our own perspective. It is part of the great and wondrous diversity of Life. Each of us is given the same opportunity to choose the life we want to live.

There is no right or wrong to it, if it brings us peace, joy, and fulfillment. All that we need do is arrive at an understanding of what a happy life means to us and to begin making choices that are consistent with that perspective. To live a happy life, we must see clearly the life we want most to live; and we must choose to live it.

Today, I want to encourage you to spend some time thinking about what a happy, fulfilling life looks like to you. Imagine all of the best case scenarios you can come up with, but focus only on what arises out of your personal values. Consider whether the choices you find yourself making are consistent with your own perspectives on happiness. If they are not, is there something within you that needs to change for you to begin moving in the direction that’s right for you?

As you make these inquiries, be gentle with yourself. Try not to condemn or judge yourself (or the choices you have made in the past). Remember the future is always beginning right now, and the past has no more power over you than you’re willing to give it.

Live Free! Be Happy!

© 11/03/2013

Photos by Mihai (Mike) Tamasila

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  1. I always find such wisdom in your posts my dear. Thank you for sharing this lovely post..

  2. Thank you for the pingback! Have a beautiful weekend! Sloan

  3. Thank you for the pingback! Have a beautiful week! Sloan

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